CT West Construction is a local and privately owned company whose office can be found in Santa Monica, CA.  Owners, Christopher A. Christian and Steven J. Tavarez were born, raised and currently reside in Santa Monica.  Christopher and Steve have gained over 30 years combined experience and have grown to offer excellent service and quality work specializing in commercial tenant improvements for restaurants, retail stores and offices and as general contractors delivering quality work to all of their clients.




Being a Santa Monica native I have always enjoyed the beach and anything that revolved around the ocean like fishing, surfing, boating and swimming.  I grew up spending as much time outdoors as I possibly could.  If I wasn’t doing something athletic it was guaranteed that I was building something or fixing something for anyone nearby.  Throughout high school I began my apprenticeship with an electrical company that grew to a fulltime position where I became a certified journeymen electrician.  I later went on to obtain my CT10 license followed by my B and A licenses.  I continue to spend the majority of my day outside over seeing current jobs and ending my day playing beach volleyball nightly.  I am encouraged by the growth of the company and am always up to meeting ne perspective clients to ensure a proper fit .



I grew up as the son of a contractor and began to learn the trade at a young age.  I have always had a passion for music and began playing the drums when I was only 10 years old and I continue to play weekly for my church worship team.  When I’m not at a meeting, scheduling jobs, on a conference call or meeting with a new client you can find me spending time with my wife Lindsey and son Dash Ryder.  We often visit the local parks, visit with family or attend church functions.  My competitive nature leads me to play beach volleyball or hit the basketball court any chance I get.  After starting my own company in 2008, my business began to grow and as it did my childhood friend; Steve and I decided to partner up and CT West Construction was formed shortly after.  I look forward to the growing the company and leaving a legacy for my children in hopes that they can learn the importance of being persistent and diligent, setting he standard high and knowing that nothing is unreachable!